Visual Artist



With a focus on the feeling and experience of color,

Camille Truyffaut uses different media to create subtle textures by playing with layered surfaces.

She catches the ephemeral quality of light and the power of poetry to keep her works in a dynamic transformation. 

The viewer’s perception gets triggered by the image which becomes almost immaterial, existing in between physical and mental space.




UPCOMING 2020 - 2021

Solo show 2021 "Surprendre le jour"/ 3-4 April -23 May/ M21/ Knokke (BE)

BOZAR ART ON PAPER 2021/ 16 – 19 September/ CAPS/ BOZAR/ Brussels (BE)

Triennale internationale de la gravure contemporaine de Liège 2020/ new date:16 September-24 october 2021/ La Boverie/ Liège (BE)

Echo, Collective exhibition 2021/ postponed/ Saturation Point/ London (UK)



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